We aim to collect new publications, revised readings, and any other addenda and corrigenda to the collections of inscriptions from Libya, as a resource for researchers and a bridge to future editions of the corpora.

We would like to receive your news relating to any aspect of the ancient inscriptions of the area of Libya. News may take any form, including:

  • A short blog post with your report, review or abstract of an event, new publication, project, completed PhD or similar in the area of ancient Libyan epigraphy;
  • Corrections or emendations to editions published in the major online corpora (IRT, IGCyr, IRCyr, GVCyr, O.Bu Njem, Neo-Punic), or notices of publication of new texts not included in these publications;
  • Bibliographical references to new publications (articles, books, blog posts) containing new or emended editions, translations or archaeological data of Libyan inscriptions.

Please send your news either by: emailing to the mailing list; sending proposed blog-posts or other news direct to the CALC 2024 editors and; submitting corrigenda and addenda via this Google form.

An annual journal of vetted Corrigenda et Addenda to the Libyan Corpora (ISSN 2977-0378) will compile observations and suggestions for scholars and future editors of the major corpora to consider when republishing the texts.